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√ 7+ Years of serious injury experience

√ Trial experience in handling serious injury cases

√ Vetted for good standing within the legal community and bar associations

√ Must carry professional liability insurance coverage

√ Highly accredited and award-winning performance 

√ Requirements for providing the highest levels of client communications, service, and support

√ And much more...

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Tom's Story


“The personal injury market is rapidly changing. Most catastrophic injury lawyers like me want more serious injury cases but continue to struggle using traditional marketing models to attract them. Competition is growing, costs are at record levels, and the growing number of dedicated resources and expertise needed to compete and win for new cases can be overwhelming. That is why I decided to join Law Leaders.” 

“By becoming a member of Law Leaders, I now have local access to and control of the most powerful serious injury brand in the nation managed by the best and most experienced marketing resources in the industry to help me generate more and better serious injury cases for my firm at the lowest possible cost. Law Leaders is a complete game changer for my practice and if you are a top serious injury lawyer in your market, I am confident Law Leaders can help provide you with the same results.”  - Tom Metier

ABOUT TOM: Tom Metier is a nationally recognized and award-winning trial lawyer and the founder of The Metier Law Firm, LLC with office in Colorado, Washington, Nebraska, Wyoming and Oregon. Tom is a senior faculty member of the Trial Lawyer’s College, the President of the Academy of Truck Accident Lawyers and teaches advanced trial skills and truck accident law at seminars across the country.  


Why More People Are Turning To Law Leaders...

Most of the seriously injured and their dependents today are not able to easily identify the most experienced and trusted serious injury lawyers, so we created Law Leaders, a nationally-recognized brand and service to help people more easily identify and retain the top serious injury lawyers in their communities and help them receive the highest levels of services and outcomes for their injuries. LEARN MORE... 

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