The National Alliance of Traumatic Injury Lawyers (NATIL) was formed to provide the highest standards of care, service, support, and compensation for those suffering as a result of a serious injury. Our alliance includes many of the top serious injury lawyers from across the nation along with network many of the nation's best medical and financial support providers. Our unique "doctor friendly"  approach allows us to work closely with many of the top medical providers in each market resulting in better outcomes for our clients. 

NATIL operates under the consumer brand Law Leaders which provides consumers and providers with a nationally recognized and highly distinguishable service to help provide the highest levels of support and outcomes to the seriously injured and their families. Our national branding also helps to provide consumers and providers with a consistent level of experience, service, trust, and results they can expect to receive from coast to coast. 

Our board of advisers is comprised of legal, medical, and financial professionals who are all dedicated to the same standards, levels of excellence, and client outcomes. 





Seriously injured Americans and their families need more than just a lawyer, they need A TEAM OF TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS to help provide the best medical, financial, emotional, and legal guidance and support possible. That is the Law Leaders difference! We know what severely injured Americans need and are going through because that is what we can handle better than anybody else! Our unique and comprehensive TEAM APPROACH provides the best possible support and outcomes for severely injured people and their families that depend on them. 

Our services include:

  • We will come to you within 24 hours
  • Medical and financial support services provided
  • Legal representation provided by the most experienced and trusted serious injury lawyers within your community
  • NO-FEE Guarantee (No Recovery – No fees) 
  • And much more…



If you are an attorney or healthcare professional and want to join NATIL, please click on the link below to get started...